Portraits of Passover: Painted in Red

This issue of Zion’s Fire is devoted to a biblical theme that is vital for God’s people but is often misunderstood or overlooked. We’ve entitled it Portraits of Passover, as it brings together an insightful collection of articles that highlight important aspects of the oldest, continuously observed holiday on Earth.

The biblical feast of Passover, and more specifically, the Passover Seder dinner – which has been at the heart of the Jewish Passover observance for millennia – utilizes symbolism, prayer, and recitation to recount the dramatic true story of the Hebrews’ enslavement in Egypt and reflect on God’s miraculous deliverance of His chosen people.

It’s a story about God’s wrath, redemption, and reputation. In the historic narrative, God pours out His judgment on Egypt through ten horrific plagues, not only for the purpose of redeeming His covenant people from enslavement but to defend His holy name through the demonstration of His supremacy over all the gods of Egypt.

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