The Unseen War Behind the War

Two thousand years ago, God gave us the greatest gift of all. Wrapped in humanity, God’s gift of grace through His Son, Jesus Christ, pierced the darkness to bring us light and life! One day – I believe very soon – this same Jesus will return to establish a Kingdom of righteousness on the earth. What a glorious day that will be!

But for now, we live in a depraved and sin-sick world. In recent days, we were reminded of the depths of this depravity in graphic detail as Hamas terrorists stormed the borders of Israel and barbarically massacred 1,400 innocent Israeli civilians including pregnant women, children, and Holocaust survivors. 

Israel has responded with an incursion into Gaza to eradicate Hamas. Predictably, the international media, the United Nations, the Islamic world, and anti-Semitic protestors are accusing Israel of genocide, war crimes, and pointing to the Jews as being the aggressors and “occupiers” of Palestinian land.

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