The Qatar Connection: Hamas, College Campus Protests, and the Muslim Brotherhood

The rising tide of anti-Semitism on university campuses across America is deplorable and deeply troubling. Less than 80 years removed from the murders of more than 6 million Jewish people by the Nazis during the Holocaust, it’s inconceivable that America’s prestigious Ivy League universities – along with many others throughout the country – have become hotbeds of hatred and anti-Semitism.

Make no mistake, the radical protests that have erupted from New York to California and from Minnesota to Texas are not based on historical facts or an accurate understanding of the war taking place in Gaza. They’re rooted in deep-seated hatred, and are largely funded by outside money and influence.

Masked university students – many of whom are foreign nationals with student visas from Muslim countries – are among the most vociferous. Even more, many of the protestors who’ve been arrested don’t attend the universities at all. They are paid agitators descending onto campuses to foment unrest among easily-manipulated, ill-informed students. Within these ranks are left-wing political operatives, Marxist activists, and Islamic fundamentalists.

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