The Right Side of History

Turbulent Times

I pray you are holding on tight – I mean holding on real tight to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I could suggest to you that life is going to get better; the sun is going to be warm, the breezes are going to be cool, the rain is going to be refreshing; that it is going to be a great, big, wonderful year. Of course, it is what we all want to hear. I could tell you that's the way I think it will be, but I will not. I will not, because I don't believe it. And I think too much of you to prescribe a placebo that will not help.

I believe the years ahead are going to be a turbulent and will dramatically challenge our faith.

The Son of God wants to be more than our Savior from sin. He also wants to be our anchor for the soul in the daily issues of life. If we choose to rely on Him, our anchor will be steadfast and strong. It will not break, and it will not slip in the coming difficult days.

The inspired penman wrote: Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34). God is not mocked. In the end, what people sow is what they will reap. The human race cannot turn up its nose at God and get away with it; even His long-suffering has limits. And I suspect we are reaching the reaping season of history.

Problem Causers

In the U.S., the political and economic movement toward globalism and a one-world government which is being orchestrated by those in high places is going to increasingly cause serious prob-lems.

The continued refusal of our government to close off our borders is going to cause serious prob-lems.

The continued outsourcing of jobs is going to cause serious problems.

The greed of many of our banks, financial institutions, businesses, and the deliberate strategy by some in the very highest of places to redistribute the world's wealth to advance globalism is going to cause serious problems.

A growing cadre of judges and lawyers who have lost touch with the nobility of their profession and have been educated beyond common sense and good moral judgment is going to cause serious problems.

The news media, in many instances, is making a mockery out of the word unbiased. More often than not, their presentation of what used to be called news is politically motivated and their opin-ions unashamedly slanted. They do not even try to hide their prejudice any longer. They are going to cause serious problems.

The entertainment industry to a large degree is a group of morally bankrupt people, providing de-praved entertainment to an increasingly growing dysfunctional society. And they are going to cause serious problems.

Many of the professors at our leading universities are very bright, but so out of touch with moral absolutes that they need to attend classes rather than be teaching them. And they are going to cause serious problems.

Multitudes of our citizens are supporting abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, and the exclusion of the Bible from schools and public venues. They have lost their way and think God does not see or hear. They are going to cause serious problems for America.

Perhaps the worst offenders of all are Christian leaders. Many are preaching a social gospel (good news) which is not the Gospel (Good News) of the Bible. They do not preach repentance and faith in Christ alone for salvation (sola gracia) because they, themselves, have never experi-enced God's grace.

They call themselves Christian but do not follow the teaching of Christ or the doctrine of the Bi-ble (Sola Scriptura). Some of the most popular religious leaders in America today are assigning tasks to the Church that God's Word never does. The Church has never been called to clean up our world that will soon experience divine judgment, but to preach the message of salvation to lost humanity.

These deceptive leaders are leading multitudes of non-discerning Christians toward a non-biblical, super-church ecumenicity that will not lead to Christ, but to a one-world religion under the control of Antichrist. They are going to cause serious problems.

Making Things Right

These things sadden us, but they do not surprise us. And they certainly will not defeat us. We are called upon to be soldiers. As soldiers, we must be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might (Ephesians 6:10).

The battle we fight is a spiritual battle with Satan, the god of this sinful age. It is a battle for the souls of people, and because it is a spiritual battle, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal [fleshly] but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds (2 Corinthians 10:4).

Too many people are looking for political leaders to save us, particularly the President who is in power at any given time. However, the reality is that the President has limited influence for change. As a nation, we have passed the point of no return. One could wish there was as much zeal at the prospect of Christ's soon coming and glorious triumph as there is over Presidential Elections. When Christ returns, we will truly see change, and it will be wonderful beyond description.

As believers, we must seek to be good, informed citizens who make, what we believe to be, the best decision possible for our country. And we must do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith (Galatians 6:10). Our zeal must be wed to an understanding that it is our God who puts kings in power and removes them from power according to His sovereign purposes (Daniel 4:17, 25). In the final analysis, we who are in Christ are on the right side of his-tory; but far more than that, we are on the side of history that will be victorious.

We press on in the Lord's strength and for His glory!

Marv Rosenthal, founder and President of Zion's Hope, has been an acclaimed international Bible teacher for more than five decades.