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What is Your Spiritual Heartbeat?
Written by Marvin J. Rosenthal

This morning I awoke to the news that a dear friend of mine who is also the brother of one of our beloved Zion’s Hope staff members was rushed to the hospital after suffering a massive heart attack. After seeking the Lord on his behalf, my mind was drawn to an article I penned many years ago which was titled, “What Is Your Spiritual Heartbeat?” Periodically, it’s good to get a spiritual “check-up”, and I felt the Lord prompting me to share it with you.

You say you are a true believer. You say you have trusted the Lord Jesus as your Savior from sin. You rightly understand salvation is a free gift from God. You are a citizen of Heaven and an heir of glory. You attend a good church. You have a measure of spiritual discernment. You lament the wickedness of our day. You long for Christ’s return in power and glory to judge this sinful world and bring in a golden age of righteousness. You desperately want to see the wolf lie down with the lamb, and the weapons of warfare made into instruments for farming. And, having set your hands to the plow in your commitment to Christ, you do not look back. All of this is great, highly commendable, and right on target – praise the Lord! But might something else still be lacking?

Permit me to ask you some questions. I dare to be very direct. I feel free to do so on a number of levels. First, the Lord has called me to be an “under shepherd,” and I want to be faithful to my “exalted” calling. Second, I don’t want anyone to whom I have been given the privilege to minister God’s Word to ever be able to say, “No one cares about my soul.” And third, I genuinely love you in Christ very much.

The older I get and the more I understand God’s Word, the deeper my feelings have become for those who love the Lord. Increasingly, I have come to appreciate and highly esteem the true family of God. For me, this is no maudlin, fleeting, and baseless exercise in sentimentality. We have the same heavenly Father, the same Savior, and by the same Holy Spirit we have been placed into the body of Christ. We shall, in truth, spend eternity together.

I have found through life that my best teachers – my most helpful mentors, my dearest friends – have been those willing to frankly discuss the bottom-line issues of life. And so, I am emboldened to follow in their train.

I ask you, then, “When it comes to your spiritual heartbeat, what is the bottom line?”